Somewhere along the way, the plot was lost.

We are built for leaders aspiring to navigate shifts where yesterday’s customers aren’t tomorrow’s, where brand value propositions and business models are in constant flux, and where speed to market and technology are the engineering forces behind sustained growth – often survival. We use our combined experience in various fields to solve problems facing businesses in this ever-changing economic landscape.

Relevance matters.

Our Philosophy: How our Collective Works

The math is simple. Exploring the space between what is real and what is perceived is where we find the best and most relevant answers to the challenging questions facing businesses today.

We use our combined power of people, products and partners to solve business problems, usually by uncovering new ownable space in this ever-changing economic landscape with a simple perception/ reality/relevance framework.

Consumerization of business services = infinite opportunities.

At Relevance Collective, we invest in, build, and launch digital products that are designed to bring people and businesses together for mutual benefit.

The digital world is our playground and we assemble some of the best minds and partners in the business to continuously hone our customer-centric product development craft. It keeps us sharp, future focused, and helps inform the work we do with our partners by staying true to our relevance above all credo.

Meet MISSION. Make Your Match.

Welcome to Mission, a new way of shopping that puts your personalized purchasing goals in the hands of the very best local merchants.

Simply send out your mission and let merchants be your own personal shoppers, providing you with the very best products in your area. It’s all about getting exactly what you want, exactly when you want it, and from real people committed to bringing back a more personal touch to shopping.

What’s in it for merchants? Want more qualified customers? Of course, you do. Simply review purchasing tasks sent out from potential or existing customers and provide them with the very best products you have to offer that are relevant to their specific requests.


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